Superetech Intelligent Mailbox System is developed in response to the emerging market needs of IoT Smart Living. The system features mail-detection-sensors that can detect mail inside the mailbox. The mailbox is illuminated by LED indicator when mail is detected, and notifications will be automatically sent to the mailbox owner’s smartphone, or videophone unit.

A great variety of access options are available for mailbox unlocking including the latest mobile technologies. Superetech Intelligent Mailbox System is fully integrated to the Superetech ACS 2 access control system, only minimal additional hardware is required.

Mail Detection

Superetech Intelligent Mailbox system features a mail detection sensor which is installed inside each of the mailboxes. When mail is detected, the mailbox is indicated by LED indicator, and the system sends a notification to the registered resident’s smartphone or videophone unit.

Smartphone / Videophone Integration

Superetech Intelligent Mailbox system is fully Integrated to our IP Videophone products.  Once a mail detected in by the mailbox sensor, the system sends notification to the designated videophone or smartphone. Software API is also available for third-party application integration.

Strike a balance between security and convenience